среда, 24 августа 2011 г.

Vung Tau 2006

Today I have a nostalgique mood. So enjoy photos from my first visit of Viet Nam. They were made with my old school Zenit-E camera made in USSR in 1982. My memories in details which you won't see anymore like this lamp from Beach Club at Bai Sau or this boat from the top of the roof. All these things were ruined during typhoon "Durian" in 2006. 
These shoots have the unique film charm, no Photoshop, just film scan. It's a pity that I didn't bring this camera from Moscow. Maybe next year I'll pick it up...

Bai Sau

Rare moment of empty stones park at Bai Thuoc after rain

Not so much boats and the fairy station is not finished
Such a rainy mood...

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