среда, 24 августа 2011 г.

Vietnam Style

I was trying to start my blog for a long time. I've been reading lots of stuff how to make the blog, bloggers' mistakes, etc. Then I looked through a ton of english and russian blogs... Well shortly my previous job in marketing made a bad deal for me. Now it's  funny to remember my last night thoughts: "I must be very responsible making the first post", and one Russian adverb "The word is not a bird, you can't bring it back". Just like I'm in my first rocket flight into spaceship and all the country watching me by TV! But my husband and I were watching "Surf's up!" in 100 time and I realized how stupid I am to think about all these things! I forgot about the most important thing in blogging - relax and have fun!

I wanted to start my blog for:
1. making new friends, they even could be my neighbors. Because I need to chat with people somewhere except Skype and in tropic climate people from different climate sometimes could have problems with nerves. We call it in Russian - Tropicoz, but I don't know the appropriate word in English... Probably you guys also have this problem but I come back to it later.
2. sharing information about Vung Tau. All I found out for 3 years (OMG, this Sept. will be 3 years already!). Things to buy and places to buy (shortly shopping in Vung Tau), places to go in Vung Tau with kids and without and etc...
3. discussions about kids' development (hopefully I didn't waste my time with inet surfing). Just don't think I'm fanatic mom who spend all the time with baby, I must say I'm pretty lazy, sorry. (But as I found out from FLY Ladies book I'm just not well organized person, damn)
4. chatting, crying how sad I am far from home, discuss husbands
Well I hope that every woman or almost every woman could easily understand what I mean...

Probably you are interesting why i called my posting "Vietnam Style"... Well it's a good question! You see "Vietnam Style" - it's a separate and many-sided phenomenon of our Vietnamese life. We could chat for hours about this... Probably you'll never see in another country how people transfer on their motorbikes large appliances, cattle,  kids without helmets, gas bottles, how they turning round through double continuous band (why not if he/she needs?!), stop without stoppint signal to pick up fallen thongs or hat, sleep in a hammock in the middle of sidewalk, eat on sidewalk, going outside in pajamas, wash at the same time different colors clothes, etc. And NOBODY CARES! It's just Vietnam Style relaxing way of life. So why I'm so up to all these bloggers' advices? Just write what you want, enjoy and attach pics!

That's all folks! I did it - my first posting (actually 3rd and in english 2nd;).

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