вторник, 8 января 2013 г.

My job at the factory

I haven't write here for ages. Now I have a kind of working vacation in Vung Tau to fix some documental problems.

It's better to start from the very beginning. Originally I'm a merchindise manager. I started as a simple shop assistant in Nike, Moscow. To let you know my step-by-step career:
- Shop-assistant in Nike-GUM, Moscow. Direct sales.
- Senior shop-assitant in Nike-GUM, Moscow. Direct sales, EKIN coaching for new staff, responcibility for merchandise presentation in the store.
- Cashier in "Springfield" men's wear in MEGA-Tyoplyi Stan.
- Visual merchandiser in Moscow chain of stores "Springfield".
- Visual merchandiser in Moscow chain of stores "4-You" men's wear.
- Wholesale regional manager in  "4-You" men's wear.
- Buyer's assistant in  "3 Tolstyaka", BATA, Moscow.
- Buyer (merchandise manager) in  "3 Tolstyaka", BATA, Moscow.
- Sales planner in "Quelle", Mail Order, Moscow.

Then I missed 4 year of my professional career but learned to be wife and mother. Finally I learned to cook, because when I got married I could cook only salad, sandviches and omelette. In tropical climat of South Vietnam my brain started to melt.