вторник, 8 января 2013 г.

My job at the factory

I haven't write here for ages. Now I have a kind of working vacation in Vung Tau to fix some documental problems.

It's better to start from the very beginning. Originally I'm a merchindise manager. I started as a simple shop assistant in Nike, Moscow. To let you know my step-by-step career:
- Shop-assistant in Nike-GUM, Moscow. Direct sales.
- Senior shop-assitant in Nike-GUM, Moscow. Direct sales, EKIN coaching for new staff, responcibility for merchandise presentation in the store.
- Cashier in "Springfield" men's wear in MEGA-Tyoplyi Stan.
- Visual merchandiser in Moscow chain of stores "Springfield".
- Visual merchandiser in Moscow chain of stores "4-You" men's wear.
- Wholesale regional manager in  "4-You" men's wear.
- Buyer's assistant in  "3 Tolstyaka", BATA, Moscow.
- Buyer (merchandise manager) in  "3 Tolstyaka", BATA, Moscow.
- Sales planner in "Quelle", Mail Order, Moscow.

Then I missed 4 year of my professional career but learned to be wife and mother. Finally I learned to cook, because when I got married I could cook only salad, sandviches and omelette. In tropical climat of South Vietnam my brain started to melt.
After break it's pretty hard to come back. You have to coordinate your job with kid. And it's hard to do whithout help, because kids get ill easilly and anyway homelife also differs very much - you have take care about kid, yourself, husband and in most cases nobody takes care about working woman. Lucky you if you have housekeeper, parents who help or husband who really cares otherwise you feel like a squeezed lemon and look like a robot which follows the programm day by day.
Oh, I have to stop! This topic is for the other posting.

Anyway I have better situation. Now I live in Hanoi, Zlata goes to kindergarten and I have a nanny
/housekeeper, my husband takes care about himself in Vung Tau where not possible to finde any job except teaching or oil and gas. Both of them need special education which I don't have. But I have great experience, I love to work with clothes and I'm happy that I got the chance to work at the factory in Vietnam.
Our factory called Rosviet and it's trusted Jackets and Trousers manufacturer. At the present moment I'm responcible for marketing research. I'm collecting trends for local market. Besides we have new project for online shop in Vietnam. For me it's absolutely new field! I'm excited and full of ideas but at the same time there's so much job to do!

There's our website http://rosviet.com
We are going to restructurise it and add more photos of our products. I also take part. Thinking of adding blog, news or forum. Also a lot of job for this web-site. I'm a little mixed with new information but I hope my analytical skills would help me. See you soon!

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