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Bakery "LEON", Vung Tau, Viet Nam

It has been raining for every afternoon for a few days, so my friend and I decided to pick up our kids and go to the bakery "LEON", 2 TRAN HUNG DAO Street. It's in front of the popular italian restaurant "Good morning, Vietnam!". It's decorated in soft warm shades and that's the only bakery in Vung Tau which has such a european design. I'm not a restaurant critic but I have something to say.

I like:
1. The design. It's a nice place to eat a cake and have a cup of coffee. Unfortunately I had no opportunity to make exterior pictures because of the rain.
2. The assortment is pretty wide: cakes, souffle cakes, fresh pastries, muffins, cookies, home made chocolates, donuts, ice cream... We couldn't taste everything, but I recommend to be aware while choosing cakes because some of them look not very fresh and winded. I don't know what's the problem. Probably it could be the absence of customers or wrong refrigerator's settings. I just warn you.
3. There's a nice staff, and the owner speaks English a little.

I don't like:
1. As I wrote above - the winded production. Some of the cakes which we tried before were not fresh, in particular my favorite cheesecake.
2. Dangerous cutting machine for bread with huge unprotected sharp blades inside. It stands right in the showroom (you can see it on the 2nd shoot). So if you have small kids you can't relax because they are trying to put their little hands inside.
3. Selection of hot drinks is very modest.

As a marketing specialist I can recommend:
1. Remove the dangerous cutting machine from showroom or make some safety shield to restrict an access to blades.
2. Add more hot drinks in the menu:
- Selection of tea. It's possible to buy some traditional taste teas in teabags like green, black, mint, herbal. It's not very expensive and the owner doesn't need any special storage or preparation efforts. It could be served in teapot or in a mug (big cup) as the client wishes. I wouldn't recommend to buy Lipton (sorry, guys).
- Coffee. There's a traditional vietnamese coffee hot or iced with considered milk or without. We ordered hot coffee with considered milk and couldn't drink it because it was very strong. Besides the glass was small and too much of considered milk so we had to ask remove part of milk and asked twice for hot water to dilute coffee. Well honestly say it's kind of place where you want to enjoy a cup of cappuccino but they will need to buy a coffee machine which is not cheap. So I could recommend to serve hot coffee in mugs so the client could dilute coffee in coordination with his own taste. Also the long life non sweetened milk could be proposed for coffee.

3. Serve drinks in take-away paper cups as in the Starbucks.
4. Train the staff to promote fresh or new products: "It's very fresh, please try!", "That's our top sale cake!", "Try our special cookies!",  "Today we have a new product, please try!". Also train them to propose take-away drinks.

5. The Bakery has assorted donuts but without filling. I'm sorry to say but it's boring. So I would propose to add donuts with classic and most popular fillings: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry jam.
6. In case the things go better add more tables probably even outside.

I hope my recommendations could improve sales and help you to enjoy a cake in the "LEON" bakery.

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